About AktivBo

AktivBo collaborates with over 300 residential and real estate companies.

Customer-driven property management

AktivBo started in 1991 to develop a method that could help to improve the quality of service and management in the real estate industry. The goal was to achieve specific and measurable improvements in the areas that were most important to tenants/customers. In summary, this meant a big change for the entire industry - shifting the focus from the property's engineering and economics to the end customer. In other words, to make the real estate industry into a service industry with the aim of achieving satisfied and loyal customers.

With our process we offer support from market research to specific and continuous improvement. We have an innovation-driven approach and design our digital support and analysis tools based on our clients' needs to optimize usability and relevance. Today we work with over 300 housing and real estate companies in Sweden, Germany and Austria. This allows us to offer a unique benchmark against other players in the industry - in both the residential and commercial areas.



Do I have to respond to the survey?

No, answering the survey is voluntary. Of course both we and your landlord would like as many people as possible to respond to the survey in order to get different views and opinions. The purpose of the customer survey is also for the results to be used actively in the improvement work. But of course you as tenants decided whether or not you wish to participate. If you do not want to participate in the survey, please call or email us at AktivBo (when you receive your first survey) to avoid us sending you reminders.

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes, AktivBo guarantees that everyone who answers a housing survey remains anonymous. The surveys contain one randomly generated number so that we do not need to remind those who have already responded, and so that an answer that leads to something needing attention can be traced to the right property.

Can I call in my answers?

That is absolutely fine. We give all tenants the opportunity to respond to the survey by telephone.

Can we get to see the results of the survey?

AktivBo always aims for the results to be fed back to the respondents. However, it is up to your landlord to decide how to present the results. Please contact your landlord if you want to know more. If you don’t receive any feedback, please contact us! We will be happy to help influence your landlord.

Can I notify problems directly to you?

Unfortunately not. AktivBo can only accept questions related to the survey. If you have problems with the property you need to deal directly with your landlord.

Will everyone in my area receive the survey?

This depends on how your landlord has chosen to carry out the survey. At AktivBo we recommend letting all customers/tenants have the opportunity to respond. However, this does not need to take place at the same time. Some landlords choose to send the survey to parts or their entire portfolio; others send out surveys regularly each week to a selection of tenants.

Housing and real estate

Why should you carry out a customer survey?

One must consider each tenant as an important and preferred customer, just like in any other industry. It pays to have satisfied customers. This applies whether you manage housing or business premises, have vacancies or are fully occupied, work in a small town or a big city, are about to renovate or start building a new property. In order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction one must create a good customer dialog. A good start is therefore to listen to customers’ views and desires. Using surveys you can capture what is most important to customers in a structured way and then act upon the answers. In other words your company obtains a basis for performance management that leads to carrying out the right actions, and you can avoid making investments which are not required.

Furthermore, a satisfied tenant costs less than a disgruntled one. Fewer complaints, fewer relocations, fewer tenant adaptations and a stronger brand are some additional positive effects that contribute to higher profitability.

What comparisons can we make if we cooperate with AktivBo?

Thanks to our huge database, we can provide comparative figures in many different areas and on different levels. This means that we support many different specializations in the housing and real estate industry with benchmarks, information, statistics and data that help in decision making. Housing companies, construction companies, urban planners, architects and more. We tailor the benchmarks at the local, regional, national and/or international level. Comparisons can also be broken down into different indexes, sub-indexes and issues as well as company size, form of ownership, etc.

With our method of presenting the results you can also easily identify trends over time and make comparisons on many different levels and parameters. Our digital analytics tool (the QlikView platform) is structured to support this. As an individual client company you can choose the information you wish to have presented in your custom application. We have aggregated industry data containing development trends for various issues, indices and sub-indices from 2005 onwards.

AktivBo is built upon a research-based foundation which allows us to continuously carry out qualitative and quantitative studies and meta analyses to follow industry trends. We do this both for the companies that are our clients – but also for non-clients so that we can follow other companies’ developments.

Postal or digital?

All of AktivBo’s surveys can be answered digitally. Our surveys are responsive to facilitate responses through different platforms (tablet, mobile). In many cases, however, housing companies decide to use a printed/postal survey in combination with the ability to respond digitally in order to achieve the highest possible response rate. A high response rate allows all employees to recognize themselves in the results and that “their customers” had the opportunity to speak up, and is necessary for the results to be able to be broken down to the property and street address level.

Does the number of questions in the survey affect the response rate?

Only marginally. At the client companies that have gone from a larger number of questions to a smaller number, or vice versa, we see only small differences. Other factors such as information and feedback to the respondents are of greater significance to the response rate. If the right communication is made before, during and after the survey then interest in responding becomes greater.

The most important factor is of course that one works in a customer-driven manner and implements the improvements that customers demand. The response rate is increased when a customer sees that it pays to speak up.

How long will it take to implement a project with AktivBo?

Different projects take a different amount of time. We can supply the answers to a survey on the same day the questions are sent out. Other projects are continuous; in these cases we send out surveys to selected parts of the portfolio on a regular basis. In situations where the time aspect allows it we always recommend including reminders as part of the survey project. This always results in a higher response rate and adequate time should then be given between the first mailing and such reminders. We also support a large number of our client companies in the work after the survey responses are received. The timetable for this process varies depending on the level of support they require.

Does it matter when during the year you send out a survey?

No. We have conducted market research for over 25 years and can see that this does not play a major role in the overall result. On behalf of our many client companies we send out surveys on a daily basis, year round. We do see that extraordinary and unplanned incidents can affect the response rate and results, but these are of course quite impossible to foresee. However we do avoid sending out reminders during holiday periods.

How do clients get access to the results?

All companies and organizations we work with have access to our digital service Aktive. This means that you get a single smooth entrance point (log on) to the results of the survey, as well as other useful digital support services. Aktive is a responsive customer portal enabling analysis and work from mobile platforms. If you work in management and have a smartphone, you can for example see your customers’ answers in real time and immediately implement the necessary measures. If there is an action plan you can easily see the planned measures and monitor how the improvement work is progressing for the entire company and down at the desired levels, no matter where you are.

Can we get support after the replies/results of the survey come in?

Absolutely. The work after the survey is a significant part of most of our collaborations. We have a number of constituent elements in our work and our process that we know produce results. In different ways we support the implementation of a customer-driven approach to create engagement and driving force in the improvement process. Yet the companies and organizations we work with have different desires and the support they require in their improvement work varies. Some want us to help in all stages while some have structured their own process.


In addition to the housing and real estate companies we work with, we have a number of collaborations with other industry players and partners.


Since 2009, Investment AB Spiltan has been one of the main owners of AktivBo.  Spiltan invests in and develops successful entrepreneurial growth companies. Through long-term, personal commitment and entrepreneurship, Spiltan creates conditions for good growth and profits.

Fastighetsägarna are a stakeholder and industry organization working for a well-functioning property market.  They represent more than 17,000 members.  The majority of members are property owners with rental units for residential and commercial buildings and industrial properties.  Others are housing associations


Fastighetsnytt magazine addresses the overall context that affects the real estate sector. The factors that shape long-term development.  Fastighetsnytt is a magazine for those who seek a more sophisticated understanding of what is happening in the real estate industry.


Hyresgästföreningen, the Tenants Association, is a democratic membership organization tenants.  They work to ensure that everyone shall have the right to good housing at a reasonable cost.  Their vision is of safe housing where people and society develop. Over half a million households are members of the Tenants Association.