Benchmark Event

The Benchmark Event is an annual gathering where the housing and real estate companies, voted by their tenants as the best landlords, are awarded.

About the Benchmark Event

It is important - and fun - to reward hard and good work. Full calendars, deadlines, and focus on day-to-day work mean that this is all too often forgotten. The Benchmark Event is an annual gathering where the housing and real estate companies, voted by their tenants as the best landlords, are awarded. Continuous comparison creates momentum, both internally and for the industry as a whole.

Prizes are awarded to the company that made the biggest improvement in its service, compared with the previous survey, as well as to the company with the best overall performance in the categories of Service, Product and Profile. Winners are nominated in different categories and classes.

The purpose of the Benchmark Event is both to highlight the landlords who prioritize their customers and focus on high quality, and to create a platform for exchange of experience.

Great efforts are being made all the time and there is also a willingness to share knowledge with colleagues in the industry, also internationally. For example, our German and Austrian client companies are very curious as to how Swedish housing companies work on their customer service.

In addition to our main event at Berns Salonger in Stockholm, we hold a number of smaller events and meetings around Sweden and Germany.

AktivBo specializes in the housing and real estate business and is actively working to profile the importance of customer satisfaction. Thanks to our strong brand we also communicate our message successfully. We see it as an important part of our mission to promote our client companies in different ways, not least to support best practice and facilitate networking in the industry.

Kundkristallen “The customer crystal” winners | Benchmark Event 2020

For the fifteenth consecutive year, the real estate industry’s prestigious award, “Kundkristallen” – i.e “The customer crystal”, was awarded at Berns in Stockholm, on 6 February 2020. All nominations and winners are selected by the tenants themselves. The winners were chosen from the large and medium-sized enterprises which completed surveys with AktivBo during 2019.

Highest Service index

200 – 999 apartments
Mannersons Fastighets AB

1 000 – 3 999 apartments
Aranäs Fastigheter

4 000 – 10 999 apartments

11 000+ apartments
AB Stångåstaden

Biggest mover in Service index

200 – 999 apartments
Kungshem Fastigheter AB

1 000 – 3 999 apartments

4 000 – 10 999 apartments
AB Väsbyhem

11 000+ apartments
Willhem AB

Highest Service index commercial premises

Torsby Bostäder AB

Biggest mover in Service index commercial premises

Strängnäs Fastighets AB

Highest Product index

200 – 3 999 apartments
Rosén Fastigheter

4 000+ apartments
Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB

Highest Profile

200 – 3 999 apartments
Mannersons Fastighets AB

4 000+ apartments

Honorary crystal

Olofströmshus AB

Best new production

Varbergs Bostads AB / Tage och Söner (Västra Sörse)

Photos from Benchmark Event 2020