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With Aktive™ you gain access to digital support services that simplify the process of gaining more satisfied customers.

A support in the improvement process

We develop our tools according to the needs of our clients to facilitate their daily work. Simple, easy and smart have been the guiding principles in the development of Aktive ™ - our client portal. All companies and organizations we work with have access to Aktive, which means a single smooth entrance into useful digital support services. The portal is responsive which enables analysis and work from mobile platforms.

If you work in management and have a smartphone, you can for example see your customers' answers in real time and immediately implement the necessary measures. If there is an action plan you can easily see the planned measures and monitor how the improvement work is progressing for the entire company and down at the desired levels, no matter where you are.

How our tools can help you

Below we tell you a bit more about how Aktive can help you. But the best way is of course to log in yourself and take a look. If you're curious, you can contact us using the form below to access a demo.

Customize your view

You can customize your view in Aktive. This means that you can decide how your page will look like so that it contains the most important information for you. This can be anything from responses from ongoing studies, the current response rate for a specific area or an overview of action planning.

Project planning

Here, you can keep track of everything related to your projects.  A calendar with important dates, where in the process you are right now and planned activities after the survey is completed and presented. In the project plan, the current or final response rate for the selected projects is displayed – for the whole company or broken down by location or other (geographical) division.

Action plans

In Aktive you can monitor planned and implemented measures and activities. The divisions are tailored to your company/organization. You can either manually enter individual measures/actions, or input complete action lists. In the action plan, you can easily monitor and keep track of how improvement work is progressing. For example, you can choose to see that which has been completed, is in progress and not yet initiated for each city, district and property.

Best practice

How have others succeeded? We have plenty of examples of successful efforts in various fields and wish to highlight our clients’ good work. As great things are continually being achieved by all the housing and real estate companies we work with, we are constantly adding examples of new best practice.

Response analysis with benchmarks

The results from the various survey projects your company has implemented are presented in the portal via a QlikView platform.

AktivBo has no level restriction on encoding, and can therefore report accurately on the desired levels and background variables. In other words, response analysis is tailored according to your company/organization and with just a few clicks you can analyze your customers’ responses broken down into different areas and properties. We include the required benchmarks so that you can make internal and external comparisons and analyze trends.

Live Answer

With this feature you can view customers’ answers to selected questions in ongoing surveys in as soon as they are received. Clear references to historical/past data allow you to monitor developments in real time and view your customers’ feedback on the effect of the measures implemented.

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