Why AktivBo

A customer-driven approach engages employees, giving impetus to the organization and moves the focus from the property to the customer.

It pays to have a customer-driven approach

A successful service culture increases customer satisfaction. A positive internal culture is reflected externally and when everyone works together it is easier to achieve good results.

At AktivBo we are trying to accomplish just that in the housing and real estate industry. We call it Customer-driven property management.

By finding out what is most important for the customer you can create the basis for performance management. Together with your organizations knowledge and experience you can carry out the right actions and avoid making investments which are not required. Furthermore, a satisfied tenant costs less than a disgruntled one. Fewer complaints, fewer relocations, fewer tenant adaptations and a stronger brand are some additional positive effects that contribute to higher profitability.

One must consider each tenant as an important and preferred customer, just like in any other industry.

Many times our work is about shifting the focus from the building to the people who will live or work in them. This creates a powerful driving force that makes everyone a winner - customers, employees and owners.

From data to specific results

For improvements to happen, one must have a basis that everyone can absorb, understand and use to put their own skills to the test. A CEO or analyst alone cannot carry out improvements at the property level; in a service organization everyone must be involved in this work. Our method supports this approach and aims to create a combined force in the area of customer satisfaction. This is how you get results.

Ask the right questions and make sure you get answers

It pays to have satisfied customers. This applies whether you manage housing or business premises, have vacancies or are fully occupied, work in a small town or a big city, are about to renovate or start building a new property. So how do you get satisfied customers? Of course there are many factors that come into play, but a good start is to ask the right questions – and act upon the answers.

To get a true picture of a company or organization, you have to know what its customers/target audience thinks. We ask millions of questions every year and know the importance of formulating them properly.


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Benchmarking / comparisons also plays a big role in our efforts to helping the housing and real estate industry as a whole to develop its customer orientation. When all the companies we work with constantly compare themselves with each other, a strong driving force is created, both internally and for the entire industry.


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All our projects include extensive analysis work. This entails a review of historical data (if available), benchmarking, GAP analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis and identifying what to prioritize/what will have the most impact. This provides quick insight on what you need to do and what you can deprioritize.

The most important aspect is to be able to present the results in such a way that staff can absorb customer feedback and see what should be improve to increase customer satisfaction. Otherwise nothing happens in a service organization. Administrative, economic and market roles in the real estate business are important, but it is in the meeting with the client and in daily management work that changes and improvements make an impact. The communicative aspect is therefore crucial.

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Digital support and analysis tools

AktivBo only works in the housing and real estate industry. Our digital support and analysis tools are thus tailored specifically for this industry. We have an innovation-driven approach and design our tools to support our customers’ needs to optimize usability and relevance. We also know that it must be a simple, smooth and intuitive process to quickly find everything you need.

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A process to "make it happen"

With a process-oriented approach, we believe that we can provide support all the way from project planning and surveys to goals, action plans and specific measures.

The partnerships we have with companies and organizations in Sweden, Germany and Austria often include surveys, but not always. Perhaps a survey has already carried out and the aim is to get more out of the result. We think that the most important work begins then, after the survey is completed. Merely asking questions and not following up the answers can actually be counterproductive.

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